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"I’m incredibly grateful for the chance I’ve had to experience life at LeTourneau. I’ve been given the unique chance to interact with an environment that both stretches me intellectually and has helped me to construct a personal spiritual foundation. I’ve encountered a true, high quality Christian liberal arts education. LETU inspires us to pursue excellence as we honor Christ. I cannot express my gratitude for your generosity in making my experience and that of so many others possible."
— Eva, School of Arts and Sciences


"Chris loved to fly. He loved his LeTourneau University friends and they loved him.” In the months following graduation, Chris lost his life while free climbing on the side of a mountain. “We value the Christian education at LETU and understand the costs of getting an aviation degree. We wanted to memorialize Chris’s love for LeTourneau University."
— Dick & Marsha Becker, Endowed Scholarship Donors


A record number of students applied for admission to LETU this fall of 2012, yet many could not enroll because of financial challenges in this poor economy.  The university will fund more than $8 million in aid for students this year, but more help is needed.  You can provide a scholarship either through a one-time gift for use now, a planned gift for use later or an endowment for life-long ongoing use.

One-Time (Direct Use) Scholarships:

LeTourneau University students are often blessed by one-time scholarships given by churches, organizations, or concerned individuals. These scholarships, intended to be used in the current school year, often decide whether or not a student can attend LeTourneau. Gifts in support of one-time scholarships cannot be given to specific students according to IRS rules but can be customized to support the types of students (e.g. geographic area, major, financial need, etc.) that the donor desires to assist.

Planned Gift Scholarships:

Some people want to give to scholarships through their estates.  A planned gift can be established through such devices as wills or trusts and begin supporting student scholarships as a part of the donor’s legacy. These types of scholarships can also be customized to support the types of students that the donor(s) desires to assist.

Levels of Recognition within LETU's Endowed Scholarship Legacy Society:

Kindred: $50,000
Tribute: $75,000
Tradition: $100,000
Heritage: $150,000
Patriarch: $200,000
Legacy: $250,000
Benefactor: $500,000
Fellow: $1,000,000

Endowed Scholarships:

Endowments are similar to savings accounts where the principal remains intact and unspent. Only a portion of the investment income from the gift is awarded annually, allowing the endowment to help students while it continues to grow.  With the awarding of the first scholarship from an endowed fund, the donor will begin to see the impact of their generosity on students’ lives.  What starts with one student will continue and ultimately touch the lives of countless generations of LeTourneau students. 

Endowed scholarships begin to produce scholarships annually when the balance of the endowed scholarship account reaches $15,000.  Donors can establish these types of scholarship over a five-year period if they wish with an initial gift of only $3,000.  Multiple donors, such as the alumni from a particular floor, can also combine their gifts into a single endowed scholarship fund, or individuals can make gifts into already existing endowed scholarships. There is no upper limit to the size of an endowed scholarship fund. Additional gifts to an established endowment can be made as frequently as desired. Endowed scholarships can also be customized to support the types of students that the donor(s) desires to assist.

Endowed Scholarship Hall of Honor:
LETU is extremely grateful to all of its donors and recognizes them through various means. When an endowed scholarship reaches $30,000, the university recognizes the named endowed scholarship with a plaque that is permanently displayed on campus, along with a matching plaque for the donor or an honoree in appreciation of his or her generosity.

LETU Endowed Scholarship Legacy Society:
When cumulative gifts to endowed scholarship funds reach $50,000, the donor will be inducted into the distinguished LETU Endowed Scholarship Legacy Society. At the annual appreciation dinner for the celebrated society, there will be the opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with scholarship recipients impacted by the funds donated.