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LETU alumni will recognize Global Service Learning (GSL) projects as a mixture of R.G. LeTourneau’s international mission endeavors and some of the most innovative hands-on learning opportunities around. It is what LETU does best: challenge students to take what they are learning in the classroom and lab and use it for the good of mankind while demonstrating God’s redeeming love. The university is seeking to support existing projects and foster new ones. Opportunities are available to fund an endowment that will provide ongoing assistance, or to supplement the sustainability fund for use by GSL projects now.

At LeTourneau University, we are committed to becoming a university of global influence. Christianity continues to grow, especially in developing nations. These countries are in desperate need of the expertise and skill of those who can provide sustainable solutions that ease human suffering. Our faculty and students are applying their LETU education in a way that honors God. They are assisting individuals in these countries by developing prosthetics for amputees, new water pumping technology for farmers, more functional wheelchairs for remote villages, and wind-powered electricity for people in need.

These projects are coordinated under a newly created initiative called the Global Service Learning Center. The Center has a unique opportunity to integrate three important components in its mission of connecting faculty and students with opportunities to demonstrate God’s redemptive love in solving global problems and social injustice:

  • Academic
  • Service
  • Cross-Cultural Experience

Students and faculty members involved in the Center will not only be immersed in these three important areas, but also will experience another key component— a transformational component— transforming the world for Christ.

A significant number of LETU faculty have either studied abroad or served in some capacity in another country, bringing a global presence to the LeTourneau campus. A significant percentage of LETU students have also lived and studied worldwide, bringing an international sensitivity and cultural awareness to the campus.

With our heritage of mission-mindedness and a strong spiritual commitment to reaching beyond the borders of the United States, the faculty and students of LETU have a passion for reaching the lost for Christ. The Global Service Learning Center will provide opportunities for students to participate in global solutions through academic coursework and service. The Center is designed to apply classroom knowledge to real world problems by expanding the classroom to a global scale while allowing students to proactively make a transformational impact on communities across the globe.

Opportunities Include:

Center for GSL Endowment

Gifts to an endowment will provide a perpetual source of annual funds to underwrite the significant expenses of international work.  Each year, projects like those listed below will be funded from this fund.

  • • Project Ethiopia
  • • Wheels
  • • Small Plot Irrigation
  • • Visual Literacy
  • • The ‘Seed’ Project
  • • VERT Project (Vortical Energy Recovery Turbine)

Sustainability Funding

While the GSL Endowment is being built up, current projects still need support. Annually, five or more projects are seeking to improve wheelchair functionality, bring water to poor farmers’ parched fields, bring portable sources of energy to nomads and assist in novel ways to translate the Bible for unreached people groups. Gifts to the sustainability fund will be used now to help fund these current projects.