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For average Americans, work-related activities fill up to 70 percent of their time. That’s a lot of time! Because of that, the workplace is becoming one of the most strategic yet untapped areas for evangelism today. It is in the workplace that Christians interact regularly with countless non-Christians.

“We have attempted to transform our cities for years without success. I now believe the reason is because pastors and church leaders do not have the authority to do so. That authority lies within those leaders in the marketplace. When we recognize and affirm the apostles in the marketplace we will begin to see the transformation of cities.”
— Peter Wagner, President of Global Harvest Ministries and Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute

“In making shoes, the cobbler serves God, obeys his calling from God, quite as much as the preachers of the Word.”
— Martin Luther

“Most Christians spend the majority of their time at work, and often have their most significant relationships with pre-Christians at work. Rather than call Christians out of their work setting to do ministry — affirm them, encourage them, and equip them for effective ministry in their work-life setting.”
— Leith Anderson, Senior Pastor, Wooddale Church

“God is marshaling his people in the workplace as never before in history. God is up to something. The next spiritual awakening could take place in the marketplace.”
— Henry Blackaby

“I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace.”
— Billy Graham

Everyone familiar with the history of faith and work ministries would expect the university bearing the name of R. G. LeTourneau to be a leading voice on this topic.  For LeTourneau University, the Center for Faith and Work is not a building, it is a mission.  It is a coordinated effort of initiatives designed to graduate a generation of leaders who see their work as a holy calling and their workplaces as mission field and places of ministry.  Tuition cannot support this effort, so while the university has stepped out in faith to start this Faith and Work ministry, many opportunities are available to underwrite the expenses of this effort.

Over the next three years, the Center for Faith and Work will focus on raising $2 million to fund the following initiatives:

The Center Online – By utilizing new media and technology, the Center shares a deep well of practical faith-and-work resources for the Christian community, including LeTourneau University students and alumni worldwide, seekers and the rest of the online world.

Research as Mirror – The Center will focus on releasing timely research being conducted around the country that will act as a mirror for Christians to see progress being made evangelistically in the workplace.  This research will also serve as a platform for national conversation as well as a serious commitment in making the Center a go-to resource on faith and work issues.

Show and Tell Videos - The Center will produce 12 original videos about men and women whose faith informs and reflects in their business lives. From corner office to factory floor, the Center creates visual aids for church, university and small group usage.

"Boots on the Ground" - The Center will host a variety of workshops, conferences and forums. A National Faith & Work Conference of national keynote speakers, business leaders and pastors will be held regularly.

Back at School - On the campuses of LETU, the Center thrives in classes, curricula, and campus events - including monthly chapel with business leaders. The Center is committed to helping students and graduates of LeTourneau University identify their God-given gifts and unique callings.

Nowhere else will you find a Center for Faith and Work more committed to spreading the message of Jesus Christ in the workplace in order to claim every workplace in every nation as our mission field.

Opportunities include:

  • Gifts of $100 cover the cost of assessing one student (i.e. identifying his or her unique God-given call)
  • Gifts totaling $5,000 cover the cost of an annual Campus Leadership Event, bringing business leaders and students together to inspire and challenge students to live out their faith in the workplace
  • Gifts totaling $10,000 cover the cost of production for one professional-quality video that follows the life of an exemplary Christian who integrates faith and work
  • Gifts totaling $12,000 annually cover the cost of ground-breaking research about faith and work
  • Gifts totaling $20,000 annually cover the cost of the life-changing Center for Faith & Work website, which provides resources and tools for students and the global Christian community
  • Gifts totaling $120,000 annually cover the cost of a campus-wide application of the assessment process to help every students understand and follow his or her unique calling