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Campaign Overview
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Academic Excellence

For more than 65 years, LeTourneau University has been blessed with an excellent faculty, highly qualified in their respective areas of study, and most importantly, committed to Christian education. One of the greatest challenges facing LETU over the next years will be to recruit and retain Christian faculty to carry on the legacy of excellence and focus on faith in the workplace that our founder, R.G. LeTourneau, began decades ago. Many of our faculty hired in the 1960s through the 1970s will retire in the decade ahead. Other faculty will be needed for enrollment growth. An endowed professorship fund will allow LETU to successfully recruit and retain an accomplished and diverse Christian faculty.

These endowed professorships will allow LETU to sustain and actually enhance leadership in key disciplines where we have great strength and also in areas under development for the future. Revenue generated by these endowed professorships will be utilized in these disciplines for equipment, travel and unique student learning experiences. In addition to endowed professorships, Academic Excellence Funds to support faculty development in a particular school are vitally important. These monies will be used for such things as professional travel, faculty scholarship, research activities, and the funding of critical lab equipment. These funds will be used to improve and expand academic and research programs that are collaborative across disciplines and allow for growth in academic programs that will accommodate enrollment growth.

Every gift to the endowed scholarship and endowed professorship segments of the campaign, regardless of the amount, will build the overall LETU endowment, which ultimately increases the funds available to the university for decades to come. The principal you provide to LETU’s growing endowment is never spent. Instead, the endowed fund is invested and professionally managed to produce additional income. As the principal grows, so does the income available to be used by the university.

Opportunities Include:

Endowed Professorships
LeTourneau faculty seek to provide students with an education of academic excellence and Christ-centered truth.  Contributions to Endowed Professorships will help to attract and retain the best and brightest Christian faculty and provide them with the resources they need to support their efforts to equip students with the skills necessary to fulfill the mission of LETU. Several specific Professorships have been established for your consideration.

Academic Excellence Fund
Ingenuity and hands-on learning have always been valued at LETU.  Academic Excellence Funds enrich the education of all LETU students by providing faculty with technology to improve classrooms and labs and fund hands-on learning outside the classroom.  They allow faculty to provide educational experiences that are not supported by tuition revenue and allow the university the flexibility to establish priorities and respond to the rapidly changing world that our faculty and students face. They will be restricted for such things as funding of necessary lab equipment, research activities, faculty scholarship, professional travel and other endeavors that will help faculty challenge and mentor students. These funds will: support and enhance interdisciplinary activities between the various LETU schools, departments or centers; establish core resources or facilities that serve multiple groups; or provide seed funding to create or expand academic programs that will be self-sustaining and lasting for current and future LETU students. These funds will help improve and expand LETU academic and research programs that are collaborative across disciplines and allow for growth in academic programs that will accommodate additional students. Academic programs, such as education, psychology, engineering, aeronautical science, business and health sciences (e.g. nursing), require resources and learning experiences that are not supported by tuition alone.