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God created us to work to fully know Him and to make Him known in all the earth — in every workplace in every nation. This is true for the engineer and the evangelist, for the pilot and the pastor. Our vision is to send professionals into numerous workplaces to be ambassadors for Christ. We believe all are called to answer His Great Commission, not just those working in traditional full-time ministry. We believe that whether you are an engineer, an educator, a pastor or a business owner, God wants to use you to bring Him glory and be a blessing to his creation. That was the message of our founder R.G. LeTourneau. It continues to be the mission of LeTourneau University today.

The workplace is a strategic venue for God’s redeeming work. In the workplace, Christians can grow in their faith by fully integrating their Christian worldview with their professional pursuits. In the workplace, non-Christians can find Jesus Christ. LETU wants to send ambassadors for Christ into every workplace to be salt and light in a world of conflicting messages.

We have a powerful strategic plan to claim the workplace for Christ. It is our act of obedience to his Great Commission. Growing scholarship aid will close the gap for families who want a quality Christ-centered education but are struggling financially. Updated campus facilities like the Student Center and the Athletic Village will help our students be successful during their years at LETU. Faculty support and endowed professorships will put the best faculty in front of our students, faculty who will prepare them to be future leaders with both competence and Christ-like character. We see God working in mighty ways all throughout His world, and financial support for our Global Service Learning Center will send faculty and students worldwide to use the ingenuity of their education to demonstrate God’s love in places of great suffering. To stay true to Mr. LeTourneau’s legacy, our new faith and work initiatives, once funded, will equip our students, alumni and Christians everywhere to see their work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

LeTourneau University has been uniquely equipped to answer God’s call. We are unique in our vision to claim every workplace in every nation for Christ. The new missionary is the civil engineer, the classroom teacher, the accountant, the nurse and the aviation technician who commit their work to the Lord.

We hope you will partner with us in this vision to claim the workplace for Jesus Christ.